About Justin Gilchrist

Hi! I’m Justin and I’m based in Cheshire which is a stone’s throw from Manchester in the UK. I have a passion for tech and entrepreneurship. That annoying guy who always talks business at a party or family gathering … well that’s me.

In addition to occasionally writing for this blog, I also:

  • Run Centurica.com with my two co-founders. We provide due diligence and purchase assistance for investors who buy internet companies between $50K and $2MM. So far, I estimate that we’ve saved people over $20 million by helping them to avoid bad purchases and investments.
  • Speak at Internet and Entrepreneurship events about building and buying digital portfolios.
  • Run a small portfolio of high risk, alternative eCommerce investments … that site no one wants to buy? I’ll usually take a chance for the buzz that a turnaround brings.
  • Own a company here in the UK that provides services to blue chip companies and local government. Last year, we were the fastest growing company in our region doing what we do.

I learn from direct experience; not just the positives, but also the importance of failing fast (if you have to fail at all), learning and moving on.

I’m a big supporter of lifestyle design, online business and outsourcing and consider myself fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time working on the things I enjoy. Sometimes that’s working on an indulgent new project (like creating the artwork for Digitally Wed) or just hanging out with my daughter and watching Frozen for the 23rd time in the middle of the afternoon.

I hope you enjoy and find some value in the content on this blog. I appreciate your feedback . I always have time to discuss new projects, or just shoot the breeze about online business.

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Justin Gilchrist